An award winning and incredibly touching portrait of a young boy
who finds solace from a bullied school life and broken home in a
world filled with archery, masters, vassals and the occasional dragon.
For 14 year old Colin Taylor, known to his fellow vassals and master
as Drakmar, is a member of the Kingdom of Terre Neuve, a
San Diego-based medieval reenactment and role-playing group.

We follow his archery practice and his battle training as he quests
to become a “man at arms”, and also witness the gradual process
of Colin regaining contact with his unknown father.This delightful
insight into the world of a sensitive teenager is a must for anyone
who has ever wanted the world to be a slightly different place.

This film, shot in San Diego, CA., was our first attempt at tackling
a feature-length story. We met Colin (the 14-year old "star" of the
movie) while shooting a short documentary on another subject.
While watching our footage of the day, Colin jumped off the screen
whenever he was in frame. We showed the footage to colleagues,
and they all fell in love with him, so we immediately changed the
focus of our other story.

We began shooting this film with no plan. All along our six months
with Colin and his family, we were discovering new things every day.
And that's the way we decided to edit the film. We tried to stay true
to the voyage that we took as filmmakers, a voyage of discovery and
involvement, as we watched our own stereotypes wither and die,
replaced by a much more interesting and multi-dimensional reality.
We began shooting a film about extraordinary people who love
knights and dragons and role-play, and ended making a film about
real people, with real struggles just like every human being on this
planet. It was a great journey for us, and we hope it can be for those
who watch the movie as well.

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